Community of Artists

Our Community of Artists is made up of artists that we have previously exhibited and worked with, anyone who exhibits with us is invited to join. 


Often, after an exhibition finishes, the dedicated support an artist receives from an organisation ends. We continue to offer support and guidance for an artist’s professional development, beyond their exhibition, through our Community of Artists programme. We want to go beyond the structure of the institution and commercial gallery systems that currently exist.


Workplace Foundation provides an individualised offering of support as appropriate, whether that’s assistance on pricing works, introductions to curators and writers, helping with funding applications or just general advice. Each artist has a profile on our website where you can find further information about their practice, selected works, works for sale, past exhibitions and press. We have a 1:1 studio visit with each artist from our Community of Artists twice a year and an annual group exhibition at the gallery that they are invited to take part in. 


We want to be flexible in our support so that the structure can shift and change depending on what each artist needs. Our intention is to provide support for each artist to progress their artistic career in the trajectory that they choose. Each artist can be as engaged as they want to be with this process.


We see our Community of Artists as an alternative form of representation. It is non-exclusive and a way of providing support through connecting people. If an artist is invited to be formally represented by a commercial gallery we would encourage that development and they are welcome to continue to be part of the Community of Artists if they choose. 


Look out for our Saturday Spotlights on Instagram to see what our Community of Artists are working on.