The New Bridge Project: Gateshead

May 17, 2020
The New Bridge Project: Gateshead
The NewBridge Project: Gateshead and NewBridge Books
232-240 High Street
OPEN: Tuesdat - Saturday 12 - 6pm 

The New Bridge Project is a progressive, artist-led studio group based in Newcastle and Gateshead Town Centre. Truly grass roots, they “ensure an artist-led ethos is embedded in all elements of our organisation; generating a programme and vision that is responsive to and shaped by artists’ needs and interests.” 

Their Gateshead space is a short walk from Workplace and they are our closest neighbour. As well as providing studios for several artists they have a really great shop front gallery on Gateshead high street and a fantastic bookshop with rare and wonderful books and zines and generally cool stuff. 

If you visit Workplace it is your duty as a denizen of culture to take the short walk through Trinity Square and up the High Street to go and see them. Join their mailing list and buy some books.

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