Angel of the North

June 4, 2020
Angel of the North

Angel of the North 

Durham Rd,

Low Eighton,



Public Sculpture 




One of the most iconic structures in the North East is the Angel of the North. Constructed started in 1994 and was completed in 1998 by artist Antony Gormley and fabricated by Hartlepool Steel Fabrications. I’m often traveling up and down the A1 and i love it when i see the Angel as i know I’m nearly home again. The sculpture is constructed from steel, is 20m high and has a wingspan of 54 metres. According to Gormley, the significance of an angel was three-fold: firstly, to signify that beneath the site of its construction, coal miners worked for two centuries; secondly, to grasp the transition from an industrial to an information age; and thirdly, to serve as a focus for our evolving hopes and fears.

Its well worth a visit to see the Angel up close, see the craftsmanship and admire the texture/colour of the monument.

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