Cath Campbell: Everything we do corrects the space: WORKPLACE GATESHEAD

1 November - 20 December 2014

Workplace  Gallery is delighted  to present Everything we  do corrects  the space our second solo exhibition of new work by Cath Campbell.


Two short films -for quartetsand for the yellow smokecontinue an on goingprocess of appropriating, manipulating  and  deconstructing  found  images  and  documentary  travel  photography  collected  from publications  and  the  internet. The films  are  made  up  of  collected  footage  from  travel  diaries  and documentariesfound on YouTube depictingdifferent American States  -Alaska and California.


Each film  is structured  as a  series of  short acts,  parts or  chapters,  and the  content of  each is determined by  the narrative  contained in  the subtitles.  In each  found film  clip,  the original dialogue is translated through Google automatic captions, leading to a series of slight mistranslations that lends a  poetic subtext  to the  work.  The disparate  film clips  are then  carefully stitched  together to  create a dreamlike narrative   that refers   to the   literary device   of the   'inner monologue'   or   'stream of consciousness'  in which  the writer  attempts to  remove rational thought,  instead presenting the inner consciousness of the character. Each title is was taken from a poem by T S Elliot, who uses this device in his work.


In  making  each  work  Cath  films  the  original  video  on  her  phone,  direct  from  the  computer  screen, allowing the process to slightly distort the image and bleach the colour, anddeliberately revealing the scratches  and  marks  on  the  screen.  These  filmed  clips  are  then  edited  and  stitched  together  on  her phone and uploaded back to You tube, where the final subtitles are them added, and the work is re-filmed to create the final work.Thisdeliberately lo-fi mode of working intentionally reveals the layers of translation from the source material to final work, making apparent the fiction of the resulting film, and the contrasting experience of the artist and (documentary maker), in an attempt to explore relationship between reality, desire and experience.