My mum was a beatnick/Canary yellow with royal blue: Baltic 39

10 - 14 February 2016

BALTIC 39 | FIGURE THREE is an opportunity for artists to test works and ideas, or to develop works in progress within a public context. The 10 exhibitions are to be held in the project space at BALTIC 39 from Wednesday 20 January - Sunday 21 February 2016.

Week Four: Wednesday 10 - Sunday 14 February 2016


Cath Campbell
My mum was a beatnick/Canary yellow with royal blue

Cath Campbell's work encompasses drawing, photography, sculpture, film, installation and large-scale architectural interventions. For this exhibition Campbell proposes public readings from a changing collection of poetry describing a fictional journey across an American landscape taken from Canary yellow with royal blue, a series of 52 short films, currently in progress.