Canary Yellow with Royal Blue: DLI Museum & Durham Art Gallery

23 January - 31 March 2016
For 'Canary yellow with royal blue' Cath Campbell presents a new collection of short films. 'When I'm not sleeping', 'Taking a deep breath that I don't let out' and 'To the valley' each follow the routes of a classic American road trip - and as such are heavy with romantic reference and cinematic imagery interrupted by strangely banal and absurd moments from the minutiae of the personal lives of the original authors.
Deliberately lo-fi in both their process and aesthetic, the films are made by collaging together clips from amateur travel videos found on YouTube. The dialogue in each clip is translated by Google automatic captions, and the resulting subtitles are full of slight mis-translations that provide a disquieting and poetic quality to the narrative. The clips are stitched together to create short film-poems that refer to the idea of the 'stream of consciousness' - a literary device in which the writer attempts to remove rational thought, instead presenting the inner consciousness of the characters.