Paul Moss


Paul Moss (1975 - 2019) and Miles Thurlow opened their first gallery in Gateshead Town Centre beneath the 1960’s Brutalist masterpiece ‘The Get Carter Car Park’ in 2004. Quickly deciding to represent a group of artists from the North East, Workplace grew in parallel to the art fair boom of the early 2000’s and they were soon taking part in prestigious fairs such as Zoo Art Fair, NADA Miami, Art Cologne, Artissima, The Armory Show and Frieze Art Fair to name a few. In 2013 Workplace opened a second gallery in Mayfair London where it ran a programme until 2018 and is currently negotiating a second London space. In 2017 Miles and Paul founded Workplace Foundation, a Charity supporting emerging and under-represented artists based outside of London with a specific focus on the North. 


Sadly, Paul Moss died on 14th February 2019 after complications arising from Wiskott Aldrich syndrome.

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