Karanjit Panesar: Parts of Wholes - Closing Brunch

9 July 2022 
Come and join us for a Closing Brunch to celebrate the end of Karanjit Panesar's solo exhibition Parts of Wholes at Workplace Foundation.

This is the last chance to see the exhibition including the central film Actor, Container which utilises a 'strange loop' as a narrative device to explore ideas of artifice, constructed truth, and the potential of the ‘behind the scenes’ space. 

Instructions and materials for the drawing workshop led by Panesar will be available if you didn't make it to the event earlier this month, as well as our archive of previous artist-led workshop activities. 

A selection of vegetarian and vegan pastries will be provided by Pink Lane Bakery and there will be a variety of hot and cold drinks available. The event is free and all are welcome to attend.