Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover: Open Space, Cologne

21 - 26 April 2009

For Open Space at Art Cologne 2009 Workplace Gallery presents a solo project
by Cath Campbell. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover consists of fifty proposed
interventions into the designed exhibition architecture particular to Open
Space. By dismantling, manipulating and reconfiguring the fabric of the
existing Messe architecture, Campbell proposes a series of works that
directly disrupts and undermines the expected form of the exhibition booth.
Through a process of discussion with Workplace Gallery and Open Space,
proposal No. 48 (below) has been selected and realised. The remaining 49
proposals have been documented and presented alongside as a publication and
single channel video work. We will also be showing _Islands In The Stream_ a
new drawing made by Campbell for Art Cologne. Continuing her research into
imaginary architectures, Campbell’s delicate graphite drawing has been
meticulously constructed through a two - point perspective system and then
cut away with surgical precision leaving behind a fragile architectural
palimpsest that floats, part object, part drawing and part-empty space, in
its frame.